Helix Kapital invests in Norway’s and Sweden’s leading education companies within wellness

Helix Kapital partners up with AFPT, SAFE Education, and The Academy to establish the new group Wellness Education and Technology. By capitalising on the companies’ proprietary tech education platforms and the founders’ long industry experience the goal is to accelerate growth internationally and broaden the offering.

The new group has more than 70-years combined industry experience of educating business professional within wellness and is the leading player on the Swedish and Norwegian market. With well-known brands, proprietary tech education platforms, and over 70 instructors the group has a blanket offering to its tens of thousands of students.

”I founded AFPT in the beginning of the 21st century with the purpose of education business professionals and the society to a better health and with a vision of making Norway the healthiest population. Today, almost 19 years later, AFPT is the market leader in Norway. When Helix Kapital contacted me this spring with the plan of building a Nordic leading educational provider with a digital focus towards wellness, and with AFPT as one of the ground pillars, I instantly got interested about this opportunity. There is a lot more to be done in the industry and I see great growth potential in merging with Competence Factory. The goal is to accelerate growth and within 5 years to reach a turnover of NOK 250 million” says Espen Arntzen, Founder and CEO of AFPT.

"It will be an exciting growth journey the coming years. By realising synergies through mutual hard work among the stakeholders with the ambition of increasing the competence on the market, and with the strong know-how within the group many exciting opportunities lay ahead of ussays Farhad Jabbari from Qicraft and Competence Factory said.

Contact information
Mattias Ericsson, Helix Kapital
Phone +46 706 434 460
E-mail: mattias.ericsson@helixkapital.se

Espen Arntzen, AFPT
Phone + 47 90 60 99 31
E-mail: espen@afpt.no

Farhad Jabbari, Competence Factory
Phone + 46 709 712 170
E-mail: farhad.jabbari@qicraft.com

About AFPT
Since the beginning of the 21st century AFPT has educated over 10,000 business professionals and students. Today, the company employs 45 people who are among the most competent people in the industry. With the vision of making “Norway the world’s healthiest country” the company has provided wellness competence to the population for almost 19 years.

About Competence Factory
Competence Factory is the parent company behind the brands SAFE Education and The Academy, two well-known Nordic brands within wellness education with over 30-years of industry experience.With a vision of improving individuals' well-being by increasing the competence of wellness and with the motto "Learning for Life", have SAFE Education and The Academy for many years, through competent instructors, offered high quality education to the market. Competence Factory is, since 2008, owned by Qicraft Group and headquartered in Stockholm.

About Helix Kapital
Helix Kapital is a growth-oriented investment firm investing in smaller private companies, primarily in the Nordics. Helix is looking for businesses with proven and profitable business models in industries that are supported by long-term growth trends.