We focus on companies with sustainable competitive advantages and strong market positions with potential for strategic and operational improvements. Together with ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams, Helix develops the companies in order to drive profitability and growth. We do this through value creation programs that address strategy, processes and implementation.

With Helix Kapital as a partner, the business gets an active and long-term oriented owner contributing with capital, expertise and experience that increase the opportunities to develop through acquisitions, organizational development, and geographical expansion. All investments are carried out independently of each other and are developed based on their unique opportunities and needs.

Helix Kapital's investors consist of leading financial institutions.

Investment philosophy

We invest in profitable growth-oriented companies primarily in the following themes: industrial innovation, sustainable advancements, and digital conversion.

We have a long-term view of value creation and work in close cooperation with management teams to realize common strategic goals.

The ambition is to double the size of the portfolio company through step-by-step strategic, operational and financial improvements. We do this together with management and investment partners through an active and partner-oriented ownership model.

Investment criteria
  • SEK 50 - 400 million in sales
  • Clear growth opportunities
  • Predictable cash flows
  • Sustainable competitive advantage / strong market position
  • Committed and motivated management
  • Majority ownership

How we work

  • We work proactively and thematically to identify leading Nordic companies with ambitious management teams.
  • Active owner supported by senior industrial advisors.
  • Leading practices - apply repeatable methods and professional standards in smaller companies.
  • Drive profitability and growth through value creation programs 
addressing strategy, process and implementation.
Value creation

We work with management in defining the right strategy including operational and commercial initiatives to support and execute the business plan.


We apply leading business practices in all of our portfolio companies. This is based on Helix Kapital's value creation tool, which is also supported by our network of experienced industrial advisors, business executives and board members.

Investment process
Step 1
Initial discussion and analysis
Step 2
Indicative valuation and development of a jointly decided long-term business plan together with management and industrial advisors
Step 3
Legal and financial due diligence, documentation and completion of investment
Step 4
Realization of active partnership model